Agile Adoption Report 2021 by CertiProf

Download the agile report with the largest participation in the world and find out more about agile adoption in 2021.

About the 2021 Report

This version of the Agile Adoption Report was conducted 100% online between May and August of 2021, and it was sponsored by 42 of our accredited partners. They played a key part in its creation and distribution through diverse communication channels that reached individuals across various industries, including global software development, technology, healthcare, social sciences, art, business, and finances.

This report includes 12,088 responses from 100 countries and was collected in 3 languages in which 83% left their personal information. Only 17% were anonymous—giving a diverse and global view of the agile community worldwide.

To encourage the broadest possible participation, CertiProf issued more than 10,000 contributor badges through Until October 2021, 8,380 survey contributors accepted that recognition, rewarding the agile community members who supported us in building this report.

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Since the Scrum authors have kept Scrum as a lightweight and simple framework, it has allowed us to do things under the agile cloak and maintain a lean mindset without leaving aside our human and civilized ability of thinking and feeling.

Lucho Salazar, Scrumdamentalism: or of the agile dogma. 2019. Agile Culture: That Obscure Object of Desire

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